Under Light Burns

“When your light shines it leaves marks and traces on everything and everyone near you. even when you’re gone.”

Year: 1998/2016

Material  and technique: Ceramic mixed with basalt powder cast

the first sketch of “Under light burns” was made in 1998. the first product in 2016.

“Under light burns” is an upside down lighting object, made out of Ceramic mixed with basalt powder cast.

It is dealing with the circle of life and life after death. from the top to the roots. To be more specific, with the remains of life after and the traces left behind.

Like humans, so do objects have an expiration date. Like humans, so do objects leave their mark on life long after. Like an old painting removed from the wall, the ghost of the object remains.

“Under light burns” is a lighting object. But unlike most lighting objects that hangs from above, or stand with the light bulb in their upper part, this one lays on the ground, like a stump whose roots are exposed, close to its end, leaving its remains on the surface to be remembered long after.

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