Queen Henry

Queen Henry

Material: Ceramic

Technique: Ceramic Cast.

Dimensions: 60 cm high / diameter 45 cm

Year of Design: June 2011

If three models of sexual androgynous identities are identified in art (which evolved in a sequential order and reflected the development of the social perception of gender) – the perfect androgynous model, the androgynous woman model, the masculine and the male androgynous model, The first model, the one that expresses the idea of ​​perfection in the creation story in Genesis, is a man and a woman who are one body, as they were before the split. Moreover, the connection is not created by the attachment and adhesion of two distinct organisms, but by the mixing and mixing of all their genitals and their combined together into a figure. Dismantling, sorting, re-assembling. The figure consists only of sex organs multiplying themselves. The upper part is six vases attached to the crown, the lower part is six testes / breasts / buttocks.
The elongated general shape is phallic and at the same time feminine in its silhouette, in the delicate and narrow waist line extending towards the pelvis.
The choice of the tank constitutes another layer in the inter-sexual equation. Its contents give meaning to the connection between the sexes, and the preoccupation with the envelope is the primary factor.
The choice of gold is intended to emphasize the use of power, concealment and material pursuit that has become a central motif in our lives.

The perfect aesthetic of the perfect androgynous is therefore not dependent on the gender definition, which has become fluid and complex through the act of creation.
However, this aspiration to reintegrate the species is illusory, because forever man will need an object of love and / or sex external to him and separate from him, transgender, etc. The ideal is not an ideal at all, but a kind of concession and reduction, both because it is unrealizable and because it by its very nature nullifies the game between the sexes. And this game moves the world and is full of sophistication and strategies and moves and dramas and losses and victories, just like the game of kings represented by Queen Henry, the most powerful tool on the board.

In this work I am aware of and relate to this illusion and the inability to return to the book of Genesis, to end the punishment and expulsion from Heaven

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